Covid news:

Please read further:

- Only three people are allowed in the store at a time, and we prefer one person per vehicle.

Face coverings are mandatory.


- We ask people who have been travelling, been near people who have travelled, are sick, or have been near sick people, to please not come.

- Remember, our coin operated milk dispenser has fresh cold milk in the creamery. Bring your bottles, jars and coins and fill em up! We can give you coins at the store as well. The same rules apply in the creamery. Only one person inside at a time with hand and spray sanitizers provided.

- Please return your bottles to our store for a deposit. 

Our hours are the same:

Monday - noon to 6:00 pm
Tuesday - Friday - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sundays and Holidays closed.

Thank you for your support!

Martha and Bas


Our Farm

The little dairy that could!

Welcome to the Sunnyside Dairy website!

Sunnyside Dairy is the umbrella name for the site.

Under the umbrella is:

IMG_2034 (1).JPG

We are excited to be the first dairy farm in the province of Saskatchewan to sell
milk on tap, from our own cows. Our milk is pasteurized by the batch method, and is non-homogenized which means the cream rises to the top. Nothing is added to our milk.

Farmyard Market is our on-farm store that carries milk products from our cows, whey-fed pork from our pigs, our own pastured Holstein beef, homemade perogies, pies, soups, baking, and more, made fresh from our approved kitchen. We also carry other local foods including eggs, honey, canning, fermented vegetables, organic flours, Mennonite noodles, gifts, fresh vegetables in the summer, and much more!


We host an annual music festival in the summertime called Perogyfest, which features folk, country, and rock 'n' roll bands and artists from SK and Canada! Check back closer to summertime for more details.