Farmyard Market

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Farmyard Market, our on-farm store is in its seventh year of operation. We sell:

- milk and milk products from our cows

- our own pastured Holstein beef

- pork from our free-run, whey-fed, outside raised pigs

- food products made in our approved on-farm commercial kitchen using as many locally grown ingredients as possible. Some of the foods we make are perogies, butter crust pies, soups, cabbage rolls, beetniks, lasagna, pulled pork, gravies, canning, baking, granola, cracklings, head cheese, lard, and much more!

- home-made food products and gifts from local farmers, crafters, growers, and makers of all kinds such as eggs, honey, fish, chicken, vegetables, lefsa, Mennonite noodles, organic grains, locally roasted coffees, beeswax candles, soaps, lotions, sewing and knitting pieces.

Some of our suppliers and butchers include:

A.L. Apiaries

Joan's Beeswax Candles

Carmen Corner Meats

Star City Meats

Bev's Fish & Seafood

Smokehaus Meats

Steph's Sewing and Such

Mennonite Homestyle Noodles

Blue Heron Gardens

Prairie Bean Roastery

Rusty's Wild Rice

Naturally Amped Foods

Riverbend Farms

Gift certificates are also available!