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Sunnyside Creamery

About the Creamery:
We are excited to be the first dairy farm in the province of Saskatchewan to have a milk plant from which we sell our very own cow’s milk! Another first for our province is a milk dispenser, which allows folks to get milk on tap by filling their own bottles and jars.

Hours & More Info:
The creamery is open during the same hours as Farmyard Market (check the 'more info' tab at the top of the page).
If you have your container and spare change handy, you can walk or drive on across the yard from our store to the creamery, where you can help yourself to self-serve milk on tap. Inside our store, we are well stocked with coins and bottles for purchase.

Bring your own clean jars, bottles, pails, or containers. 
Reusable glass bottles with our logo are available in the store in sizes of 1 litre, and 1.89 litres. 
Bring your spare change, or we can make some for you at our Farmyard Market store.The milk dispenser accepts any quantity of Canadian coin (not pennies). Our whole milk is $2.50/L.

Bulk Milk
Ordering milk in bulk requires 2-3 day's notice!
e are now only accepting pails and wide mouthed jugs for bulk milk !

A visual example of containers we will accept 
Bring your own pails and we will fill for you!
50L-99L: $2.00/L
100L and up: $1.75/L

We are now selling 20L pails for bulk milk for $14.00 and 8L pails for $12.00. Which you will get back if you bring the pail back



Other Products:
In our store, Farmyard Market, you can find the rest of our dairy products such as Cream, Skim Milk, Chocolate Milk, Yogurt, Kefir, Buttermilk, Cottage cheese, dulce de Leche, and even Cheddar cheese curds!

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